Enabling a Secure and Interoperable System of Identity for Products, Packaging, Machines, and Devices

Use Cases

Luxury Authentication & Proximity-based Commerce

Verify authenticity & provenance.
Buy, insure, lease it now.
Trusted secondary markets.

Secure Packaging & Hardware Enclosures

Envelopes, cartons, palettes.
Routers, onboard flight computers, servers in data center.

M2M Access Control & Payments

Autonomous vehicle economy.
Green drone economy.
Local energy trading.

Sharing Economy

Smart locks.
Time-based leasing.

Industry Data Attestation

Carbon credits – chip signs sensor data on oil & gas well head.
Automotive – chip signs telematics sensor data on automobile.
Drone – chip signs checkpoints on flight path

Supply Chain & Trade Finance

Secure chain of custody.
Secure sensor data attestation.
Escrow and release of funds.



Microchips embedded in automated delivery drones give each drone a unique identity on the blockchain—enabling trusted access to secure locations.

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How can encrypted microchips help eliminate the problem of counterfeit luxury goods?

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Furniture Showrooms

Chips attached to furniture on the showroom floor provide potential buyers a new interactive way to shop. Retail stores gain new insight about their business and reduce costs.

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Fine Art

Art forgery is becoming a larger problem everyday with few checks in place to verify authenticity. See how microchips embedded in fine art can help museums and galleries protect art culture.

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Experts estimate that 20% of the wine consumed worldwide is counterfeit. When a wine label can make the difference between a $5 and a $5000 bottle, encrypted microchips can ensure that consumers are getting exactly what they paid for.

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