Cold Chain Monitoring

Low cost TempTracker with trusted data provenance


  • Shipments needing constant refrigeration are spoiled if they lose temperature
  • Cause of temperature loss and liability is unclear in complex global supply chains
  • Regulation requires securing of the "event logs" in the cold chain
  • Inability to timely take corrective actions

Supply Chain & Logistics


Seafood, Meats, Produce, Pharmaceuticals, Blood, Human Organs


  • Temperature monitoring via low cost, disposable and reusable sensors
  • Regulatory compliance by design, including CFR 21 Part 11
  • Position tracking
  • Real-time alerts
  • Easy deployment option based on SmartPhone and NFC/BLE communication
  • Large scale implementations supported via IoT gateways
  • Integration with ERP and supply chain solutions

How it Works

Provision TempTracker with App

Affix TempTracker to package or include in cold box

Truck driver and central operator receive notifications if temperature out of band


Get Started

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