Crypto Seal

A cryptographic, blockchain-compatible, NFC-enabled, tamper-proof seal that allows customers to secure the content of packages and containers. Ensuring that equipment has not been opened, modified and tampered with. Tampering results in permanent damage of the circuitry which prevents NFC verification of the seal.

Crypto Seal Strip

Volume Pricing

Available in the following lengths:

NFC support
Compliant with ISO/IEC 14443
Verification protocol compliant with NIST PIV technical specifications (SP 800-73-4)
Banking-level security with Common Criteria EAL 6+ certification
More than 100 security features for protection against attacks to the microchip

Download Crypto Seal Datasheet
Supply Chain
Equipment Integrity

Using Crypto Seal Strips, customers can quickly deploy solutions for authenticity, provenance, and supply chain.

Seal your packages

When you seal a package, you can use the Chronicled App to register each item or the Chronicled Dashboard to batch register a large shipment. Each seal provides the item with an unforgeable identifier that links it to the blockchain.

Integrate existing system and equipment

An API is available to automate and streamline packaging or tracking on the supply chain. Existing scanning equipment and supply chain software can easily commit the acquired information to the ledger.

Provenance Tracking

Using the Chronicled App, anybody can verify the integrity of the the seal and sign a verification record in the unforgeable ledger based on the blockchain. Access rights to the ledger can be configured to allow only specific participants to the system to write provenance transactions to the ledger, and to authorize participants to read specific transactions. The architecture is ideal to implement an open system for supply chain while maintaining privacy and protection against competitive analysis.