Identity Inlays

The Identity Inlay is a cryptographic, blockchain-compatible, inlay that enables customers to integrate a cryptographic identity to any product and build their applications for the Internet of Everything (IoE), including authenticity, e-commerce, provenance, supply chain, and financial applications.

Identity Inlay

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Available in both BLE and NFC variants.

Cryptographic identity based on ECC
Blockchain support via open sourced SDK and Chronicled API
Eddystone & iBeacon compatible
Self generation of secrets for no disclosure of private keys
Secured firmware for key protection and cloning

Download BLE Inlay Datasheet

Download NFC Inlay Datasheet

Identity Inlays provide strong cryptographic identity and transaction capabilities to physical goods, devices and machines.

Deploy IoE-enabled Things

Once the inlays are installed on Things, use the Chronicled Admin to deploy them. Each Thing will have a unforgeable identity that links them to the blockchain and makes them unique.

Configure Your Experience

Fully customize the user experience of any-Thing that you deploy by activating and configuring content widgets via the Chronicled Dashboard. You can provide rich descriptions of each Thing - specifications, photos, videos, brand details - as well as features, including the ability to verify authenticity, buy and insure.

Select Your App Experience

The Chronicled App for iOS and Android allows you to quickly rollout solutions for users that will be interacting with the IoE products and devices that you deploy. White labeling is also an option; you control the user experience via the Chronicled Admin. Or, with the Chronicled open source SDKs and API, you can deliver the next level of customization and integration of the Chronicled experience into your own App.