Secure Product Identity

Provisioning physical products with a secure cryptographic identity for smart phone and machine-interaction


  • Serial number, QR code, UPC code, and barcode systems are all easily cloned and copied
  • The security is insufficient to support supply chain automation or M2M identity verification and payments
  • Approximately $2 Trillion per year of luxury products are counterfeited

Consumer Products, Electronics, Technology, Manufacturing


Machines, Luxury Goods, Collectibles, Robots, Autonomous Vehicles, Appliances, Batteries


  • NFC or BLE "identity chips" are embedded into products at time of manufacture
  • The chip can be used to power identity verification, authentication, as well as consumer engagement experiences
  • Smart Phone based experiences include, buy-it-now, operating manual, warranty claim card, etc

How it Works

Client receives cryptographic identity chips and designs into a luxury, robot, or appliance product

The identity chip is blockchain registered

Identity verification code snippet is integrated into Apps and powers user experiences, e.g. authenticate item, buy-insurance, resell to secondary market


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