Tamperproof Sealing

Secure sealing and identities for high-value shipments


  • Packaging can be copied or tampered and counterfeits sold
  • High-precision products, devices, machines, and hardware can fail if tampered
  • Banker's boxes with archival documents are difficult to seal

Logistics, Packaging, Pharma, Luxury, Criminal Justice, Legal, Government


Documents, Luxury Products, Medical Devices, Archival Evidence, Forensic Evidence


  • CryptoSeal provides strong cryptographic identity to a physical item with a tamperproof sticker
  • Produced in various shapes and sizes, round, thermometer-shaped, etc.
  • Tamper-evident adhesive sticker similar to registration sticker on license plate and breaks into tiny pieces

How it Works

Affix CryptoSeal to a package, container, box, or document

Register to blockchain using Android app or in large batches

Verify against blockchain record for 100% confidence that seal has not been removed


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