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Chronicled Launches IoT & Blockchain Laboratory in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 10, 2016 — Chronicled, Inc., a San Francisco-based technology company, today announced the launch of its Internet of Things (“IoT”) and Blockchain Laboratory from its SOMA offices. The lab will focus on developing tools and applications for the IoT space, using a blockchain as the guarantor of identity, authenticity, and secure payments.

“The Chronicled Blockchain & IoT Laboratory is meant to serve as a showcase for new frontiers at the intersection of the IoT and Blockchain industries,” said Chronicled CEO Ryan Orr.  “While the company is laser focused on scaling-up commercial solutions, the lab provides an outlet for our engineers to experiment with real-world applications, which in most cases have never been done before by anyone.  At a time when multiple new technological frontiers are being reached in 3D printing, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and blockchain, it is exciting to be working alongside a team of talented engineers at the frontier of what is possible and to reimagine how physical property is identified and can be used in business and personal life.”

In addition to an underlying decentralized protocol for the Internet of Things (“IoT”) and an open source registration and verification SDK to securely link physical property to the Ethereum blockchain, Chronicled’s primary business includes hardware and software that enables individuals and businesses the ability to assign a secure and interoperable identity to their products for the first time.  On top of this platform, enterprises will have access to a broad suite of functionality that sits at the intersection of mobile, authentication, payments, property, smart contracts, and immutable record keeping.

As businesses, governments, and ordinary people are increasingly aware, a blockchain is essentially a diffuse network of servers that communicate and agree to validate an asset’s identity, possession, and provenance. This framework offers a level of security and identity verification that is not possible using traditional stand-alone servers.  The requirement that disparate nodes agree on a transaction to create, edit, append, or destroy a digital identity makes the network much more secure than previous technology and offers the potential to reshape legacy systems across many industries.

Chronicled plans to develop a series of videos showcasing use cases that lie at the intersection of IoT and Blockchain through the laboratory, either as hack week projects, or as POCs in partnership with enterprises, in order to demonstrate through concrete examples the capabilities and potential of blockchain as it relates to physical assets, machines, devices, and packaging.

About Chronicled

Chronicled, Inc. is a San Francisco based technology company with expertise in developing software at the intersection of blockchain technology, IoT, and user engagement.  The Company is developing an open-source registry and protocol for IoT microchips and consumer products on the Ethereum blockchain.  The Company has initially seeded the open registry and the Company's commercial applications with numerous partners in the market for limited edition collectible sneakers.

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