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About Chronicled

Chronicled Builds Supply Chain Ecosystems with Blockchain and IoT Technologies

Based in the innovation hub of San Francisco, Chronicled is a technology company leveraging blockchain and IoT to power smart, secure supply chain solutions. Chronicled secures IoT device identities, data, and event logs and automates IoT-dependent business logic through smart contracts. Chronicled is also a founding member of the Trusted IoT Alliance, with the mission of creating open source tools and standards to connect IoT and blockchain ecosystems to deliver business value.

When was Chronicled Founded?


How many Employees?

Chronicled has about 50 employees. It has rapidly become one of the most prominent blockchain-based companies outside of the cryptocurrency space.

Where are the Chronicled Offices Located?

  • San Francisco, CA
  • New York, NY
  • Kiev, Ukraine

Who are the Chronicled Co-Founders?

  • Ryan Orr
  • Maurizio Greco
  • Sam Radocchia
  • David Aho

What were the founders' backgrounds?  

Ryan Orr

Orr studied property rights as a graduate student at Stanford University before becoming interested in blockchain technology as a new, more efficient way to manage asset ownership and exchange, without relying on governments or other centralized authorities.

Maurizio Greco

Maurizio Greco, CTO, worked as a VP engineering in the financial industry when he came to “view the blockchain as a better way to facilitate transfers of assets,” as he put it.

Sam Radocchia

The third co-founder, Sam Radocchia, who served as the company’s CPO for three years and is now the company’s CMO, has an entrepreneurial background that spans several technology companies. She became interested in blockchain as a mechanism to facilitate trust and interoperability, challenges she discovered while leading her first two companies.

Origin Story: When and for What Purpose was Chronicled Founded?


Founded in 2014 with mission of giving objects, devices, and sensors unique and trusted digital identities, Chronicled is an enterprise software company offering an end-to-end smart supply chain platform leveraging blockchain, IoT, AI, mobile, and peer to peer messaging technology.

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Mission Statement

Bringing Trust to Global Commerce and Society

Current Customers

Chronicled currently counts about 25 enterprise customers among its ranks, all of whom it helps to manage tens of thousands of IoT devices. The company’s clients represent a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, precious metals, consumer electronics, IT and government services.



The Chronicled Platform: Overview

Chronicled offers a blockchain as a service platform for supply chain ecosystems, with fast time-to-market for customers, ease of use, strong privacy guarantees, high throughput, and ready-to-deploy context-specific smart contracts for any customer. The company has also created an open-source codebase for building smart contracts to register the identities of assets, devices, and machines.


Product Identity / Anti-Counterfeiting

  • Chronicled is working with brands, manufacturers, and consumer electronics companies to provide asset identity and registration for Anti-Counterfeiting solutions
  • The platform leverages multiple identity types to create a secure linkage between physical world and real world identities

Supply Chain Automation

  • Chronicled is assisting Precious Metal and Pharmaceutical industry clients with asset identity registration, transfer of custody, anti-counterfeit, and privacy solutions for industry supply chains
  • The platform leverages multiple identity types to create a secure linkage between physical world and real world identities and to track their event histories in the supply chain

Cold Chain Monitoring

  • In Q3 2017 Chronicled served Athenex Pharma with tracking temperature for a temperature sensitive ointment product shipped to 60 clinical trial locations
  • The platform is NFC and BLE enabled, cloud supported, and with blockchain time-stamping of data to ensure 21 CFR Part 11 Regulatory Compliance  

For Developers - The Chronicled API

  • The Chronicled blockchain backend is available to IoT engineers to integrate their IoT Devices and leverage the power of blockchain for their IoT use cases   
  • Asset registry, transfer of custody, status update, and item provenance features are supported thru the API along with documentation, tutorials, and community


Built on Blockchain

All of the Chronicled solutions are built upon the backbone of distributed ledger technology. And that’s fitting, as this is where data about IoT devices’ custody and statuses can be recorded and shared immutably. By recording this information on the blockchain rather than in traditional databases, organizations are protected against fraud (because blockchain data is very difficult to manipulate), data loss (because decentralized blockchain data is not liable to disappear in the event that a single server or node fails) and inefficiency (because data is recorded on the blockchain instantly and at a very low resource cost).

Dedication to the Open Source Community

Chronicled’s open-source code was hosted independently on GitHub until the summer of 2017, when the company donated it to the Trusted IoT Alliance, an open-source software foundation that promotes the use of blockchain technology for IoT applications. Our vision was always to create a community and IoT economy. We want to grow the industry and speed the adoption of blockchain for the IoT space


How Much Capital has Chronicled Raised?

~ $9M as of November, 2017

Is Chronicled Currently Raising a Round? If so, what round and how much?

Series A will open Q1 2018

Will Chronicled do an ICO?

Chronicled has opted to follow a more traditional path when it comes to fundraising and is 100% venture-backed. We expect that many of the ICO structures will come under regulatory scrutiny and we wouldn't want to have this as a distraction to serving our clients.