The Chronicled platform enables provisioning of Trusted IoT Devices, e.g. chip card, data logger, router, gateway, machine, robot, medical, and other devices.


Trusted IoT Devices are different from regular consumer-grade IoT devices in the following ways: cryptographic identities, immutable device provisioning history, and verifiable event logs.

We assist our partners with conversion of their untrusted IoT devices into Trusted IoT Devices.  On the Chronicled platform the authenticity, chain of custody, and data log history of each Trusted IoT Device becomes 100% provable.

Our team can deliver secure element, cryptographic identity, and crypto-accelerator hardware integrations and we can upgrade most kinds of IoT devices into Trusted IoT Devices.

 Trusted IoT Devices are needed in industrial IoT, military, smart city, automotive, healthcare, aerospace, government, and IoT economy applications.

We are seeking go-to-market partners with deep industry relationships in markets where Trusted IoT Devices are mission critical, and we look forward to exploring joint opportunities.


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