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NFC Identity Inlay

Unique physical identifiers are connected to registry contracts on a hyper-secure blockchain ledger that cannot be compromised using standard hacking tools. It protects the integrity of product identities from luxury apparel to pharmaceuticals and biologics, to drones and hardware scanners, and creating trust and confidence for trade partners,  consumers, and secondary markets.



The CryptoSeal is an ultra secure, single-application, tamperproof, cryptographic identity and sealing solution for products and packaging. When used together with the Chronicled platform, secure transfer of custody solutions can be implemented. Chronicled has invented CryptoSeals designs for luxury goods, gene therapies, hardware devices, and gold bullion.


NFC Temperature Logger

The NFC Temperature Logger is a low-cost, disposable, portable, smart sensor that tracks and stores temperature readings. When used together with the Chronicled platform and blockchain back-end, the NFC Temperature Logger delivers end-to-end data security.


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Chronicled Admin App

The Chronicled App is a utility tool for Supply Chain, Cold Chain, and Logistics Professionals. Features include data modeling, registration and verification of object and device identities against the blockchain, and temperature tracking and validation.


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