Chronicled is leading the charge to create a smarter supply chain by connecting best-in-class IoT hardware devices with our Blockchain-backed, intelligent software platform.


There are dozens of new IoT data logger companies - more than 50 according to a survey of the market we conducted in 2017 - and supply chain executives are increasingly confronted with a vast array of technology choices and options.   While enormous potential for smart logistics process automation exists, it is not easy to sort through all of the new IoT sensor products with varying vendors, communication protocols, data formats, cloud storage opttions, form factors, battery sizes, and the like.


As a leading software platform company, we have surveyed the landscape of IoT data logger companies for smart supply chain globally, and we've created a short-list of those companies that we believe offer the best feature set and ROI. 

We've established partnerships with a handful of these best-in-class IoT hardware manufacturers, and we've connected their devices to Chronicled's platform to create a leading enterprise platform.

This platform-centric approach allows companies to harness the unique benefits of several types of hardware devices, without needing to integrate with multiple cloud and/or software platforms and without getting locked-into a specific vendor's offering.

Our platform offers:

- Best-in-class 2nd generation data logging & smart supply chain solutions

- Commitment to finding the best devices, vendors, and pricing

- Customers can mix & match IoT devices with a common platform

- Normalization of data formats into Chronicled platform format

- IoT device data access rights can be provisioned down the chain of custody

- Smart contract integration can be used to automate financial payments

- Device hardware options available today include near-field communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Long-range, low power radio network (LoRa), 3G cellular communication, and GPS technology

In addition to our current offerings we are committed to finding the best-in-class up-and-coming supply chain sensors and devices for our supply chain customers.


Our platform can operate with all types of IoT hardware devices, and currently have manufacturing partners providing smart sensors as NFC  devices, Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa-networked devices, 3G cellular devices with GPS, and in future IoT Narrow Band devices.  So, whether you are looking for short or long-range connectivity, Android or iPhone experiences, or temperature or humidity sensors, we have the best-in-class options all working on Chronicled's platform.

Product Overview



Near Field Communication (NFC)

This award-winning NFC temp logger from Identiv is a single-use NFC device for cold chain monitoring.  With its thin size and adhesive backing it excels with lane analysis and small packages.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

This next-gen BLE device from Oceasoft offers a compact single-use design and Bluetooth connectivity to monitor your sensitive products throughout the logistics chain.  It is an excellent choice when automated 'data fetch' is important.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 9.05.53 AM.png

LoRaWAN - Long Range, Low Power (LoRa) Network

Long-range LoRaWan wireless technology offers superior long-range wireless connectivity for monitoring of your temperature-sensitive products through a port, airport, or warehouse facility.

Partner Program

Chronicled partners with IoT device companies to drive sales, oversee device-platform integration, and lead enterprise software integrations as a software company.  

Please contact us if you have a device that you believe should be integrated with Chronicled's smart supply chain platform.