Linking the Physical World to the Blockchain

A Digital Presence for the World Around You

Imagine a world where anything can be interactive. Consumer products and locations can be given a unique digital identity which allows apps to connect and interact.

Go Beyond the Physical World

View in-depth product information, claim ownership of an item, create shoppable showroom experiences, verify a product's authenticity—all possible using customizable content widgets.

The Only Limit is Your Imagination

When anything can offer information and utility, the possibilities are endless.

How it Works

Chronicled provides a turnkey solution to securely link any physical product to its digital identity on a blockchain.

Microchips embedded in products, devices, and machines broadcast tiny radio signals over the air containing unique data.

iPhone and Android phones constantly scan for these signals. If they enter within range an associated app responds.

For example, an app could offer the option to Buy It Now, verify the authenticity, or send a push notication that an item is on sale.

Chronicled's platform allows partners to customize what gets displayed when someone walks within range of a tagged product.

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