IoT, Blockchain, AI, and Mobile Combine to Offer Groundbreaking Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

It is the combination of hardware and software that enables the creation of secure identities and brand protection.  In the past several years, all of these components have seen rapid technological advancement, to the point that businesses are now able to offer B2B product provenance tracking and end-consumer authentication systems that are virtually bulletproof.


  • Approximately $2 trillion per year of luxury products are counterfeited.
  • Serial number, QR code, UPC code, and barcode systems are all easily cloned and copied.
  • Brands lack a complete understanding of the full solution space involved in making identity and IoT chip selection decisions.
  • Brands are ill-equipped to assess the trade-offs in identity and IoT chip selection decisions, i.e. cost, clone-ability, security, consumer verification, inventory scanning.
  • Low security identity chips are insufficient to support supply chain automation or M2M identity verification and payments.


  • Choose the optimal set of product and IoT identity solutions to best serve your company's goals.
  • Understand trade-offs inherent in various IoT chip security models.
  • Multi-Identity Compatibility:  SSN, SGTIN, Bar Code, QR Code, UID, NFC, BLE, PKI.
  • Support for many uses including supply chain provenance tracking, identity transformations, merged identities, and consumer verification.
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Secure element, crypto identity, and cryptographic accelerator add-ons for existing hardware devices to incorporate a secure identity.

  • Tamperproof Crypto Seals, Smart Labels, and Smart Tags for secure packaging.


Register any physical object, IoT device, or sensor on blockchain for a secure, immutable link between the physical and digital worlds.

Mobile Apps for consumer-based verification and counterfeit product fraud reporting.

Law Enforcement integration.



  • Product Identity
  • Anti-Counterfeit
  • Consumer Verification
  • Fraud Reporting


  • Crypto Identities can be embedded in or affixed to products at time of manufacture.
  • Existing hardware devices can be upgraded to include a crypto identity.
  • In the case of weaker identities such as QR codes, bar codes, and UIDs we have derived software driven approaches to verify authenticity.
  • If a consumer finds a fake product, they can seamlessly report to law enforcement.
  • Once a product is authenticated many kinds of consumer experiences are possible.

Custom Crypto Identity Solutions

  • We have experience working with all types of consumer and luxury products and implementing secure identities to fit the requirements.
  • It doesn't matter what type of product is in question, we can design a crypto identity for blockchain verification.
  • For hardware devices, we'll likely recommend a Hardware-Based Crypto Identity upgrade.
  • For fashion items, we likely recommend a Smart Tag or Label.
  • For packaging, art works, or wine bottles, we likely recommend a tamperproof Crypto Seal.
  • For a Custom Inlay, Smart Tag, Smart Label, or Crypto Seal we can turn-around prototypes typically within 30-60 days for USD$5,000 NRE per 100 prototypes.

Success Stories


Luxury Product Authentication

Counterfeit footwear costs legitimate manufacturers billions of dollars every year, and can undermine consumer confidence and brand loyalty. The answer: a digital identity and a platform that catch patterns of counterfeits in the market. Chronicled launched its first product identity and anti-counterfeit application in the limited edition sneaker market.  We were 3D printing external tags in the laboratory to affix to Jordans and Yeezys. We built an App experience for sneakerheads to claim their authentic kicks into their collection. In 2015 Chronicled authenticated more than 20,000+ pairs of collectible sneakers at the SneakerCon convention and through collaborations with dozens of sneaker retailers and consignments across the United States including Shoe Surgeon, Mache, and Sole Supremacy.  Since that time our company has made enormous progress and we are now at a place where we can offer a cost-competitive brand production platform for the mainstream footwear market.

Anti-Counterfeiting for Fine Art

Art forgery is becoming a larger problem every day, with few checks in place to verify authenticity. Galleries are vulnerable, buyers are increasingly wary, and smaller artists find it even harder to complete major sales.  Chronicled developed a solution to the problem with cryptographic microchips embedded in destructible tamperproof seals affixed to the paintings and registered to blockchain. Several art shows and hundreds of artworks were tagged with this solution at the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, and with the right ecosystem partner we are now ready to distribute and scale. 


Brand Protection for Wine and Spirits

Experts estimate that 20% of the wine and spirits consumed worldwide is counterfeit.  Some kinds of wine bottles in China are re-filled an average of 6 to 10 times.  The high percentage of fakes causes loss of consumer confidence, as well as a loss of revenue of more than 2 billion dollars a year. Chronicled has developed a cost-efficient platform for securing the identities of wine labels and bottle tops so that consumer's can also learn about the provenance of the product.  Collectors and consumers can easily verify authenticity be scanning the seal with a smartphone. Trade partners, customs agents, and end consumers can report fakes when the platform detects counterfeits.  The platform is ready for scale, and wine and spirits companies can set-up a registry contract, white-labeled smart labels to match their product requirements, and white-labeled Apps all within a 60 day window from contract-signing to initial deployment.