When does chain of custody matter most?


A fake airbag entering the supply chain of a car manufacturer can result in liability. 


Gold bullion allowed to enter a vault from anywhere might be conflict gold or stolen property. 

An artificial hip or pace maker failure can lead to questions about item-level provenance. 


Consequences for a patient can be life-threatening if a personalized medicine is mixed-up in delivery.

Forensic evidence that is not secured can come under scrutiny if tampering is suspected.


Confidence in Olympic Games is at stake if chain of custody of athlete anti-doping samples is weak.


When shipping, transferring and storing items of value costly mix-ups can occur; unrecognizable counterfeits can enter the supply chain; and authentic products can be swapped with fakes if product identities are not verifiably unique. 

Our Solution

Chronicled's end-to-end secure chain of custody solution enables individuals and enterprises to have confidence in the origins and movements of high value products.


Web Dashboard

View organizations, users, products, items, provenance, and other details; create products and provision asset identities


Android App

Confirm receipt of delivery of securely identified contents with Chronicled App and crypto acknowledgement of receipt of custody.


NFC PKI Inlays, Seals, Labels, Tags

Customized to fit any product, packaging, or physical object with a secure tamperproof identity.

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Guarantees of performance, uptime, resiliency, and security with a decentralized blockchain.

This full-stack solution is available under a platform as a service (PaaS) contract. 

Application Areas

We can help you customize secure identifiers such as inlays, seals, labels, and tags for your products.


Design tamperproof identity inlays, seals, labels, and tags to secure the identity of any product or packaging. 


Custom Design Seals, labels, and tags can be graphic-designed with your logo, colors, or branding details. 


 The prototyping phase typically takes 60-90 days and costs approx. $5,000 NRE per design concept.


Once we create a secure identity we perform tests for impact resistance, flexibility, and readability to ensure a high level of performance


Once prototypes are proven, we can commission large manufacturing orders depending on volumes that you need.


We have created secure identities for blood sample vials, bottles of gold grain, and cases for collectible baseball cards. 


Interested in a custom solution? Send us a photo of a product you'd like to secure with a secure identity.

Success Story


Precious Metals Track and Trace


Responsible Gold  

Currently, trade partners lack the ability to verify if responsibly-sourced metals have been swapped with conflict minerals as they journey through the supply chain. How to protect the integrity of supply chains? 

Chronicled is providing a suite of three types of seals - zipties for pails of gold, seals for cases on 1 kilobar packaging, and seals for bottles of gold grain - to link secure digital identities to gold raw materials and finished products.  The platform supports secure transfer of custody using an Android App, and items in custody are visible to participants at each stage of the supply chain.  The blockchain data network back-end supports the highest level of data security, network resiliency, and audibility. In addition, the tags that have been developed utilize destructible identities that are destroyed if they are removed. 


How does it work?

Affix or embed the NFC-enabled Cryptoseal, register items on the blockchain, and digitally send the item to the recipient. By tapping the item with his/her smart phone or verifying receipt with a hardware scanner, the intended recipient can prove physical custody and the transfer of custody transaction is completed on blockchain. This secure chain of custody solution can be tailored for any supply chain, and can also be the backbone that we need to automate financial transactions associated with the exchange of physical goods including release of payment, early delivery bonus, insurance payments, and trade finance, as well.

This end-to-end solution is now available in 2018 as part of Chronicled's platform.