Platform Overview

With the Chronicled Smart Supply Chain Platform the complexity of Blockchain is abstracted away allowing you to focus on enhancing your business processes. 

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IoT Products

We offer several IoT connected identity and data logging products, e.g. TempLogger, CryptoSeal, Identity Inlays, where our blockchain backend offers advantages over conventional methods.

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We connect IoT devices to blockchain by provisioning the devices with cryptographic identities, secure elements, and firmware as well as cryptographic data-signing capabilities.

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The Chronicled API enables enterprises to leverage blockchain synchronization capabilities for their own IoT platforms, and supports ERP integration and flexible data modeling.

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We leverage our API to create special purpose adapters for supply chain and M2M clients to log chain of custody, proof-of-proximity, and other events directly into blockchain systems.

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We support public and enterprise blockchains including Quorum, Ethereum, and Fabric, and over time we intend to support additional blockchains as requested by clients.

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We offer Desktop, Android, and iOS Clients to commission, verify, send, and receive IoT devices and products. Our apps serve as blockchain clients that plug into a secure blockchain node.

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Open Source

Our code to register and verify cryptographic identities and automate business logic through smart contracts is published under Apache 2.0 license as open source.

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Synchronization Engine

Our server constantly synchronizes with multiple blockchain systems so that we can offer both high performance data querying and blockchain attestation and verification services.

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Trusted IoT Alliance

We are a founding member of an open source software foundation developing pilots, standards, and tools for IoT, supply chain, and M2M business applications on blockchain systems.



  • Blockchain Adapters
  • Middleware and Smart Contracts
  • APIs and SDKs
  • Blockchain Clients (Web and Mobile)
  • Chronicled Configured Hardware and Custom Firmware


  • Register unique strong cryptographic identity and record transaction on the blockchain
  • Transfer of custody as immutable transactions on a ledger
  • Unique ownership of a trading item across the supply chain
  • Privacy and no loss of business intelligence
  • Complies with GS-1 standards
  • Compliance with track and trace regulations
  • Easier reconciliation of exceptions
  • Extensible platform for supply business transformation
  • Open specifications
  • Built on a blockchain


  • Improved security of information
  • Greater transparency and consumer trust
  • Faster settlement of payments
  • Increased efficiency in trading of goods
  • Reduced reconciliation costs in inventory and vendor management
  • Reduced cost of compliance
  • Authenticated chains of custody
  • Ensured high quality parts and goods
  • Seamless location verification

Once disparate supply chain components can now be connected.


Leverage the benefits of a blockchain-based network

Onboard your supply chain partners once and reap benefits across a range of solutions


Brand Protection

Identity provisioning. App-based verification. Counterfeit product fraud reporting. Law enforcement integration.  Create a secure and robust digital life for your products.


Supply Chain Network

Traceability. Chain of Custody. PO Billing and Payment Automation. All of your supply chain traceability and automation needs covered through one networked client.


Supply Chain Monitoring

Second Generation Temperature monitoring from inception through the last mile. 21 CFR Part 11 certified with the life sciences industry in mind.